Officina del legno

Handmade local furniture shop

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Officina del Legno is a family-run woodworking shop in the small town of Buscoldo (Mantua area). Because of their particular location (a bit off the beaten path), the family was looking to expand their reach in several ways. When they approached me about building a website, they had not yet developed a brand for their line of furniture/accessories. Before tackling the website, we spent a bit of time talking about their product and how to brand it.

The challenge

  • address the need to expand customer base and increase visibility
  • find a way to present the products in a unified way
  • focus on the niche market

The solution

  • create a limited line of furniture products that could be custom-made quickly according to the customer’s needs
  • develop a brand which could be used to market these products
  • build a website with focus on keywords for the niche market (hand-made, eco-friendly products, FSC approved wood, natural finishes, unique/customized product)

What I did

  • logo design
  • business cards
  • Web design/development (I built it on Zurb’s Foundation framework)
  • SEO work

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