Pure Environmental

Identity, print material and web

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Pure Environmetal is a provider of services that eliminate pests, germs, odors and contaminants from homes, apartments, hotels and places of work.

When I was initially approached about the project, I was tasked with developing a new website and several marketing pieces. But as we evaluated the best solutions, we came to the realization that what the company really needed before moving forward was a rebranding and repositioning. This was particularly necessary since the company had grown considerably and had added a good number of new services in the previous year.

The challenge

  • A growing and changing company would require a refocusing of messaging and positioning
  • The length of the parent company name (Pure Environmental Solutions) seemed too long and caused awkwardness in some cases
  • The new name and messages would most likely require an updated logo
  • The current website did not reflect the various areas of service and was in need of re-organization
  • The company was in need of some printed materials

The solution

  • Clearly identify the brand promise(s) and key messages
  • Use Pure Environmental as the shorter brand name
  • Develop a new, simpler text-based logo
  • Create a set of accompanying graphics/colors as part of the brand ID
  • Develop a website based on the new graphic identity with an emphasis on the four focus area: bedbugs, odors, microbes, restoration. It should be responsive and accessible with any mobile device
  • Design a set of matching print materials (business cards, rack  cards, brochure, etc).

What I did:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Rack cards (series)
  • Brochure
  • Website design and development