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University promotional brochure

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Times change… and so does the way we communicate and interact with one another. That is why any institution or business should be continually evaluating not only their message but also the way and medium through which they communicate that message.

The challenge

The EMU on-the-road set-up was no longer working. It was too busy, felt dated, and did not stand out at college fairs and other events. EMU admissions reps needed an attractive set of pieces to take on the road – something simple that focused on EMU’s distinctives, yet something different and interactive.

The solution

Start with a clean black table cover. Add an eye-catching print piece and an iPad (for slide-shows, interactive content, and info gathering). No other material allowed on the table! Two options for backdrop: 1) a small table-top display (for smaller events) 2) various banner stands to set on the floor behind the table (for events with ample room available).

What I designed

  • An updated set of graphic elements for EMU’s admissions materials
  • The main on-the-road brochure (“the road piece”)
  • Banner stands
  • Table-top displays

A bit more about the project

It was time for EMU to take a hard look at what had traditionally been considered the institution’s number one marketing piece – the viewbook. Were prospective students really taking the time to read through the 28-page informational book? Was it worth the effort and money to continue producing and mailing it? With the guidance of a local marketing team (Gravity Group), the university decided to wave good-bye to the viewbook. This freed up time and money to invest in something different for the admissions counselors to take with them on the road. The solution was to create a more concise print piece and supplement it with newer, more interactive media through the use of iPads.

Mike offers the rare combination of gifted designer, as well as wordsmith and big picture thinker. Mike isn’t afraid to ask the client tough questions about message intent so he can be sure the product does what it is supposed to do: communicate effectively with a target audience.

Andrea Wenger
Director of Marketing and Communications

Eastern Mennonite University